It has been an extraordinary journey, constructing the Technical School in Haiti. We started the original school 2003, almost 10 years ago and had finally completed it's construction December 2009, just two weeks before the Jan 12, 2010 earthquake. Upon that rumbling, the original building was severely damaged and had to be torn down. We worked for a year on new plans, engineering and structuring, then praying earnestly for an engineer capable to execute the new construction of the school that would be four times the size of the original.

In February 2011 Roy Ralph came as an answer to those prayers and has helped us complete the concrete structure of the first phase of the new technical school building in just 16 months. Here are some photos in chronological order... the original finished school, the damaged school, the torn down foundation, the start of the purchasing new materials and then the new structure!

The original technical institute in Dec 2009.    starting the posts of the new school.




Buckets of concrete go up by ladder to pour roof.Tiwowo, Frantz and Roy

Building the stairs on south end.


The concrete work is finished!