Monday was a freeing day. Many events happened that seemed to break the chains of the enemy's bondage and tactics to bring discouragement. I am so blessed to be a continual witness of God's mighty power in our lives and work and in the lives of others. Here is what Monday held:

  • Our young friend who had been in prison for the last month was released. The parents of the young girl agreed to sign a waiver of pardon and asked that he serve one month in prison only. The lawyer worked hard to see this happen and the young man's parents had to pay $5,000 HA (about $625 US) for his services. It was definitely worth it and saved him from a life wasted in prison. If he had not had someone advocating for him, he would probably have been there for a long time. So we are very happy for him and are planning to meet with him this week.
  • On Friday we had to lay off a bunch of our workers to ensure the work could continue on the tech school and money and time was not being wasted. Although the guys were not jumping for joy, in our meeting they were understanding and even supportive as we explained we wanted to be an organization of integrity that did not waste our donors money. Monday morning we had 40 men come to work instead of 53 and the work has gone so smooth, everyone busy and flowing well. Roy is very encouraged too by their improvement in work effort. Its amazing what a little pep talk and cleanup can do.
  • I got a new laptop to replace my old faithful mac that finally died last week. It was so timely, as it was giving problems for a while, the space completely filled up and not regaining even after deleting tons of files. While the team from Medicine Hat was here, Randy, a tech guy and Mac connoisseur, he offered to help me find a new and better option for our needs here when he got back to Canada. As soon as they left, my computer died. So I sent him word, he got it done and was able to send it from a young lady from Medicine Hat that joined the Briercrest team. I am relieved too that all the files I had backed up transferred to the new Mac seamlessly and I have five times the space and memory as my old one!
  • Lastly, but definitely not least, I was again so blessed by our Ladies meeting Monday night. We prayed, shared testimonies and then prayed some more. So many of them shared how God had healed them or how they were under spiritual attack and was able to recognize it as so and they were delivered. Many of them testified how God had touched them and healed them of differing ailments while we had The Father's House team here. We had a special service where the team prayed for our church people for healing. Many people came forward and were touched by the Lord.

The freedom we are experiencing after a week of persecutions and challenges is refreshing. God is so good and gives life to those who love and trust Him to work everything out according to His purposes!