Taken from Rehoboth Ministries Blog:

"Today, all across Haiti, people have been celebrating the Fête du Drapeau -- Haitian Flag Day. Students all dressed up in red, white, and blue proudly marched through the city streets singing. In other places, onlookers viewed  marching bands as they played Haiti's national anthem. The Haitian people are fiercely proud of their heritage and culture, no matter how troublesome the past may have been. They truly love their country. They also have a beautiful flag. Since 1803, the flag has evolved into the present flag show below. For those interested in reading about its history, you can follow the link provided.

We had a fabulous time for the May 18 Flag Day holiday at Haiti ARISE. First, the elementary school kids all wore red and blue, made flags and had an awesome tournament of soccer between classes. Then we took our Teen Girls Club from the church to the beachfront for a party. These girls are so vibrant and fun, between ages 10-18 years old. They played games, splashed around in the crystal clear ocean, tried to teach each other how to float and feasted on spaghetti that was specially prepared by our wonderful school cooks, Madam Bazou, Alicia and Madam Rabrun. I wish I had gotten some photos!

While it was a day of celebration, work has continued to push on with full force for the tech school. Starting Thursday morning and finishing this afternoon, working almost through the night, two crews of 70 men poured half of the concrete roof of the second story! A huge job! There were three cement mixers going, a ladder 20 feet high, with a guy on each rung, passing buckets of concrete up and slinging them back down by rope. By the end of the day yesterday, the guys were finished, both with the job and physically. They have the rest of the weekend off to rest. The medical clinic is also running smooth, started Thursday as well. With it in it's own area now, the clinic operation does not take up the whole campus and is flowing smoothly! This morning, Olive, Val and I are off to the market and this afternoon we will take the Daystar team to the beach. These six have been working their butts off with the mason crews on pouring too! I will get some photos to post this week!

For the day though, we raise the Haitian banner high! We love you Haiti!