This week has been a quiet one in the residence building, with a break between missionary teams. But the work has not slowed down. We've all taken some time to enjoy the peace in the house, played some extra games of cards together with the long term missionaries left here (Wayne Hohn, Roy and Olive Ralph) and watch a few good family movies with popcorn and all. We had dinner one evening with another missionary from town as our guest, complete with cake and ice cream! That is a real super treat here in Haiti.

My days have been eaten up with trying to figure out how to fix my computer. After six faithful years of service, I think it has finally give up the ghost. Fortunately I did back it up recently, so I didn't lose too many files. But I am in a bit of limbo until I get a new computer. Our website and emails were also on the fritz for four days- sorry if you tried to contact us or visit our site! Try again now, it's working. :)

The work on site here is really moving ahead. It is amazing how much has gotten done on the technical school. The second story floor is all poured and the walls are going up quick. Some days, for Roy, it is not as quick as he would like. The Haitian workers work steady, but they are not always fast, and there is a lot he teaching them too. I've been visiting the worksite more often, trying to get out of the office and check out how things are going. Geanne and I in the office usually see all the projects from the financial side. So seeing the physical work happening is very rewarding. It's also challenging to make sure that materials, supplies and labor are being put to best use to ensure we stay in budget. So far we are doing well though on the school. Our budget for this first phase of the building is $300K and we are at about $135K right now and more than half done! That's good news. 

We are having a sports team from Briercrest College, in Caronport SK arrive on Monday. They will be holding four days of sports clinics as an outreach in town, teaching basketball and volleyball and sharing testimonies of how God has changed their lives. The second week they will be doing VBS for the church kids, which will be lots of fun as always. Howard and Val Horner will also be arriving Monday to spend the last six weeks of the spring with us here in Haiti and help as Team Hosts and do some Project Management. They live in Colorado primarily, but have traveled extensively. Howard owned his own construction business for years and then he and Val served in Kosovo as missionaries with Samaritans' Purse. We look forward to them coming.

We had an incredible time of prayer and worship last night. The spirit of God was present as we worshipped and just spent time seeking Him. Thursday nights is our prayer service. Often we spend most of the time talking when we pray, but last night we spent time just soaking in God's presence and allowing Him to talk to us. Then we gathered in one large circle and prayed for one another in the body. I sensed God was speaking, telling us that one day we will be with Him in His direct presence, all together. We will no long have discussions, disputes, jealousy, indifference etc. We are to practice this now, as family, as His body, connected with Him in His presence, since we will be spending eternity together. It was powerful. 

And again this morning, the work rolls on. We have a meeting with all 50 workers today to give them a pep talk about working efficiently and seeing the vision for what they are helping build.