Today marks 20 days since my last blog post. That's a failure for an avid blogger. But I do have some reasoning. Events and projects in Haiti have been very busy and consuming, which should actually merit more blogging to keep you all up to date- so that's a bad excuse. The teams have been blogging regularly, which I am sure you have all followed daily with bated breath. And Chris Bergquist while in Haiti with us kept up a very informative narration of his experience and views of what was happening on the ground at Haiti ARISE, as well as sharing how God has been working in and through Cath and him. So I guess with those two blogs going, I have neglected my blogging duties thinking the news was being well reported. but today I feel the necessity to write and ask you all for your prayers, as I am reminded of our frail humanity.

Marc and I came back to Calgary for a week with Jasmine to take her to a specialist for her breathing. She's had challenges with snoring and energy levels, so we wanted to do our due diligence to ensure her health is protected. Doctor did some tests and are going to follow up with her in June. Please keep her in prayer. She may need her tonsils out this summer. But if she doesn't, pray that her health would not be inhibited by her breathing problems and that God would heal her.

Before we left to come back with the two teams that were with us in Haiti, the Moose Jaw team and the medical team, it seemed like one after another all of us LT missionaries were falling sick and we could not figure out why. Chris came back home early due to the sickness and since then, we also heard that many of the medical team and Moose Jaw members fell sick too. The Dr. that accompanied the team thinks it may be Dengue fever, which has symptoms such as fever, body aches, fatigue and diarrhea for a few days- it does not need any specific treatment but rest and Tylenol. Although it sounds like the symptoms we've all experienced, I have never heard of Dengue fever in Haiti. It also seemed odd that only the missionaries were getting sick, not the Haitians. Dengue fever is also not suppoose to be conatgious, but only transmitted by mosquitoes, yet many of the team members did not show signs until after leaving Haiti and it seemed to move from one person to another. I think it has also been a spiritual attack to try to hinder the good work that God doing here in Haiti by lower everyone's energy and moral levels. We really need prayer! Although some of the team members that were with us are still recovering, I think we are just about out of the woods, but we need prayer! PLEASE pray for us, that NO MORE SICKNESS would overtake any of us missionaries. That the coming teams would be protected and be able to work without hindrance of sickness and that there would be no fear or doubt of their calling to come and serve. And that the Haitians too would be protected if this is some kind of flu bug that we've passed around, or if it really is Dengue fever. Pray for God's hand of protection on us all!

While we have been home, we got news that a dear friend of ours here in Alberta, June Wood, had a stroke. She is in recovery, and thank God has been doing much better, but it is just another reminder again to me that we are not in control the way we would like to be or think that we are. We are yet frail humans, and we need the hand of the Father t care for us. I would ask too of four prayers for June and her family as they walk through this and that God would supply all of their needs.

I do not write these things to cast discouragement or fear, but to solicit your prayers and faith. With God all things a possible! I am confident too that neither life nor death, nor angels nor demons, nor anything else can separate us from God's amazing love for us. He wants to be our good Father and healer! Please pray with us.