Marc has gone, Oct 15, back to Haiti now with Valerie and Howard Horner who will be staying for the year to work as long-term staff, and Joe Park who is staying 6 months to work as mechanic. I (Lisa) have remained up in Canada with the kids while we wait out our 5th baby to be born in December. After lots of prayer and debating, I won't even be going down for Geanne's wedding in November, which is a sad disappointment to me and Miesha, who was counting on being the flower girl. But despite the lack of my presence in Haiti, I am confident that Geanne will be able to carry on well with the office administration with Valerie working alongside her and the staff, and Howard helping Marc in managing the logistics and facilities. I'm not all too thrilled about enduring 3 months of snow, as it has already started here in Alberta, but that's a sacrifice to be made in exchange for another baby blessing.

You can actually read a lot more ministry overviews of what's happening with Haiti ARISE from the newsletter that has just been posted and that I am working on getting emailed out shortly. Click on this link to open the pdf file: Haiti ARISE News- Fall 2012