Marc has gone, Oct 15, back to Haiti now with Valerie and Howard Horner who will be staying for the year to work as long-term staff, and Joe Park who is staying 6 months to work as mechanic. I (Lisa) have remained up in Canada with the kids while we wait out our 5th baby to be born in December. After lots of prayer and debating, I won't even be going down for Geanne's wedding in November, which is a sad disappointment to me and Miesha, who was counting on being the flower girl. But despite the lack of my presence in Haiti, I am confident that Geanne will be able to carry on well with the office administration with Valerie working alongside her and the staff, and Howard helping Marc in managing the logistics and facilities. I'm not all too thrilled about enduring 3 months of snow, as it has already started here in Alberta, but that's a sacrifice to be made in exchange for another baby blessing.

You can actually read a lot more ministry overviews of what's happening with Haiti ARISE from the newsletter that has just been posted and that I am working on getting emailed out shortly. Click on this link to open the pdf file: Haiti ARISE News- Fall 2012

From the choppy communications I have been able to receive from Val and Marc from Haiti, sounds like they have gotten off to a tough start, which seems to be the Haiti welcome. We always feel like we are falling back into things very quickly and stumbling along to catch our stride as we get projects rolling again and things operating smoothly, ready for teams to come back.The internet has not been working well down there, since Voila, the phone company that serviced the tower for our internet provider, sold out to Digicel. Val has been having terrible luck with technology. Seems an infected USB stick spread a virus to her computer, as well as two others, crashing them. And Marc's mom, who had not been doing well for some time, passed away the day after he arrived back. So he is on his way up north this weekend for the funeral with the rest of his family.

As well, torrential rains and then Hurricane Sandy just blasted the islands, knocking out any remaining hope of our city electricity, cellular service and internet. Reports I got yesterday from Lifeline Christian Mission, which is also in Grand-Goave, is that 6 people are already reported dead just in our town, flood waters have overtaken and swept away just about any house made of wood or tin (sounds like the 3 Little Pigs), and many more homes are covered to the roof tops. That is a REAL bad hurricane! Here are some of the photos taken in Grand-Goave of the flooding.

Please keep the Haitians in prayer, and the missionaries that are there. The country is just barely starting to recover from the earthquake, and then they are constantly slammed with other natural disasters like this.

We did have the HFL medical team arrive on Oct 24th and they seem to be getting settled in despite the rains- that is of course guessing from the short communications I have gotten from Val. You can follow this team's blog at: HFL Cranbrook Community- Haiti 2012. They will be in Haiti until Nov 7th, so pray that the rains subside and they can see patients regularly for the clinic days. 

From here in Canada, there is still a lot of work being done behind the scenes for Haiti ARISE. Our new international board is getting rolling nicely. I am trying to catch up on project reports, producing an update video and info video for teams, and get news out to you all. On top of that, I've started homeschooling again with Asher and Miesha. They are doing very well and have a routine down. Jasmine has had her challenges this year with health and I would ask for your continued prayer for her. She is having her tonsils and adenoids out on Monday, Oct 29th. But there seems to be a deeper issue with her immune system that I am curious if the surgery will really clear up, or just take away a sign of symptoms. She has also developed psoriasis and eczema patches all over her little body. Although they don't seem to hurt her, they don't look so good. So I am trying anything I can naturally, experimenting with eliminating certain foods that may be causing allergies and trying to pump up her immune system with probiotics.

Well, better hit the sack. Each night I am graced with one of my children's presence in bed to keep me company while Marc is away. I still miss the real him though. :) And I often stay up too late trying to work on some of these ministry things that they are already fast asleep upon my arrival... so, I'm gonna go snuggle in with Jasmine for the night.