The internet problem got solved. After some investigation, I found there we lots more people than had permission using the internet who had somehow got the password. So, I changed it and, voila! It works like a dream now.

The Prosser team headed home yesterday. We are missing them already. Even though the Nelson team is still her andworkinghard, it seems so quiet! The dining area is not as full at meal times, which makes the Nelson guys happy cause that. Eansless cleanup. But we had such great fellowship time with Pastor Rod and his team. The teenagers on the team really stepped up to the work and showed great attitudes and leadership abilities. Check out their team blog that they kept while here. They accomplish a lot of work and the scope of what these two teams have been involved with has been very broad, from pouring concrete on the home rebuilding houses and the tech school to cleaning and sorting in the medical clinic, to ministry with the kids and church. I think overall, their experience has been verry positive. We also had three of our new US board members here as a part of the Prosser, WA team- Randy Fox, Gerry and Lea Santo. They make a great addition to our board!

Chris and Cathy have been a tremendous blessing to us, working very well with the teams and learning to really move with the flow of things. They are keeping up a great blog that you can check out at Chris & Cathy's Excellent Adventure. They are workinghard to build relationships with the staff and teams alike, practicing their Creole faithfully and getting into the rythm of the projects. When we go to the beach, Chris disappears under water into another worldp and brings up amazing photos of his travels!

Roy and Olive Ralph are an incredible asset to have with us here too. Man, are we blessed or what?! They are here with us ntil theendofMay and workinghard to get the tech school moving. For the last week they prepared withthe team and Haitian workers to pour the cement slabs and started on it Thursday. Roy had rented an electric troweling machine to smooth the concrete, but half way through smoothing the first pour, the belt broke. So all the male hands got on deck pretty quick to try to get the rest of the concrete smooth before it hardened. Unfortunately, they didn't get it all cause it got too hard and too dark, but it will be tiled over anyhow. They were all late for the Thursday night service, but that surely did not hinder the move of the Holy Spirit! The service was so anointed, powerful worship and an altar call for healing prayer. I felt the need for it myself and went forward. As soon as I lifted my hands to the Lord, a flood of tears flowed out. God lifted all the burdens. It is amazing to me how quickly burdens pile on when we are going about our normal business. Daily, we need that refreshing touch and infillng of the Holy Spirit, to be full of His grace and ability. All too often, we get caught up in all that we feel we have to do in a day and by the end, we flop into bed exhausted only to start all over again the next day. But God gives us this beautiful promise that His mercis a new Every Morning! I love that and I need it. We all do, to be able to accomplish all God calls us to. The whole church on Thursday night was swept up in His refreshing presence and in worship. The atmosphere was electrifying!

Well, it's Saturday now. The beach awaits me, inviting me in to rest in God's bounty.