Ok, so there are some days when things just don't seem to go right. I've learned in Haiti to expect such days. In fact, it doesn't always make it a bad day, just...different than planned. Since Friday morning I have been trying to get a newsletter sent out and still have had no success. In October we cut the city power because we were paying so much. But this made us have to rely solely on the deisel generator. That's not a bad thing, but requires more controlling since gas has to be purchased regularly and in large amounts for it to be worthwhile. We also have to keep a close eye on what is and is not plugged in when the generator is shut off, as we soon learned that our backup of battery banks are very worn and tired ( they've been serving for six years). So if we don't unplug and turn off a lot of the large items right away, the inverter switches off soon after the generator. To compound the problem, we now have lots of projects on the go and lots of charge drawing power. We finally purchased 24 new batteries to be installed, but they are not yet installed. So over the weekend the power was an issue and we have not been able to get on the internet much. I'm hoping we can get those batteries installed very soon.

Problems don't seem to bother me as much now. I've learned to go with the flow. It is very entertaining though watching as teams have to learn through this process, as in Haiti there are always problems that arise. This present team have some pretty good attitudes and are good problem solvers. It's all an adventure, this life of ours. Everyday of it.