Today was an extremely significant day, for many reasons. January 12, 2012... two year anniversary of the earthquake that destroyed more than 1/2 million homes and killed 300,000 people in Haiti. That fateful day changed the future and the landscape of the country. In the past two years we have seen so many changes happen and it seems that Haiti has finally started to get back on her feet again. The government with Martelly as the new president leading, has made some strides to improve the situation for its people. The cleanup and rebuilding has started to take shape and beautify the towns.

For Haiti ARISE, today was significant. The work and scope of ministry we have taken on has enlarged to encompass so much more than what we had before the earthquake and we are seeing the fulfillment of a dream that was birthed in our hearts 12 years ago. This number, 12, speaks with deep meaning. (As I am sure some of you know, the study of numbers and their significance is intriguing to me.) 12 is the number of completeness, fullness, accomplishment- it is a perfect number. It also represents the numbre of organization and government- the 12 tribes of Isreal, the 12 corners of the new Jerusalem, the 12 apostles... It also represents a number of multiplication. Where 7 being a perfect number =3+4, 12 is multiplied perfection =3x4.

Last night we had an even bigger celebration service than the New Year's service we had. We held it on the new property and had invited people all over the community. There was well over 800 people there. Some said there was up to 1500, and many new people, that have never come to our church. The purpose of the service was two-fold: to remember January 12, the day Haiti was forever changed by the earthquake, and to dedicate our new South Campus property to the Lord before any construction starts there. We finished the wall and get this- it has 12 corners! If even just one of those corners would have been omitted, we would not have a perfect property! So, a significant day indeed- celebrated on January 12, the year 2012 on the new property that has 12 corners, and this year marks 12 years since the vision for Haiti ARISE was birthed in our hearts. Pastor Rod Stutzman from Prosser, WA preached and prophesied a powerful message from Genesis 2:12- OH MY GOSH, even the numbers of the passage- first book, second chapter (makes 12), the 12th verse. The open service started with a handful of people.He spoke prophetically about the rivers that flowed out of the garden of Eden, each signifying a specific point: Increase, Bursting Forth, Rapid, Fruitfulness. He declared that this year, God is going to bring HIS increase (multiplication), to overflowing, rapidly and produce much fruit, both for Haiti and for Haiti ARISE. We believe it and claim it! God's Word is true through and through. After Pastor Rod spoke, Pastor Jim Reimer from Nelson, BC spoke and gave a compelling altar call. Loads of people came forward to accept Christ. I was amazed myself. It is as the prophetic word was already coming to pass! I also felt God speaking to me that with this land, we were entering into a new area, even though it is so close to ur current campus. But this new area is open, accessible and in a place where many more people can hear. Of course, they are curious too, after all the land disputes and Haiti ARISE finally gaining the victory, to see what we are all about.

The biggest highlight for me though, was receiving an email right at 12 noon from a dear friend that we have been praying to find God for a long time. He shared that God finally found him! I was so elated, I ran outside, up and down the property rejoicing! God is so amazing!!