Vessels of Honor- unique design and function

We've been on the road for a couple weeks now. The whole family, driving for hours in a small box should usually be a recipe for insanity, but fortunately our kids are pretty well accustomed to the long trips. They are generally content on the way, with the occasional "are we there yet?" We spent an awesome week at family camp with Kootenay Christian Fellowship. It was at a great little spot outside of the small community of Riondel, BC. It was right on the Kootenay Lake and each day was an adventure. Asher, Miesha and Jasmine spent the majority of the time in the lake. Marc went golfing for the first time with Pastor Jim Reimer and others and was excited to get a par. We went canoeing to another spot on the lake called Pebble Beach, a beautiful shore full of an array of perfectly polished stones, all shimmering and varying in color and brilliance. It inspired a message I shared on uniqueness and the intricate design of our Creator with His creation. Each evening we shared a message with all the camp. I will probably post the message soon, as it has so inspired me.

We then spent the weekend in Nelson, sharing at many various venues, including at Kootenay Christian Fellowship services in Castlegar and in Nelson. There were lots of friends there that made the whole week so enjoyable- Doug and Cheryl Middlebrook, Roy and Olive Ralph, Darcy and Amy Bell and lots of new friends. We got home Tuesday, spent 3 days resting and then were back on the road again, heading to Saskatoon, a very uneventful drive across the prairies. The scenery is awesome if you like sky and clouds. We had a great weekend at Cornerstone Church in Saskatoon, connecting with lots of friends who have come to Haiti on teams. Then we drove down to Caron, where we are now. We keep meeting people that know others that we know. Marc and I are convinced that Canada is way too small, although driving through a place like Saskatchewan you wouldn't know it. There is so much space! But everyone in Canada seems to know who we know! We will be in Caron over the weekend, having a BBQ on Thursday night with all who have come to Haiti from this area and speaking at Moose Jaw Church of God on Sunday morning.

Marc is preparing to head down to Haiti this Sunday afternoon, to meet up with the Harriston, Ontario team from Crossroads Community Church. They will be the launch team to get to work on the wall. Marc has been making phone calls to Haiti to get the land ready and have the boundary line refreshed- meaning re-surveying the land. There were some neighbors that moved the land markers and to go ahead with construction, we have to make sure the legal boundary lines are correctly marked. The team will be there for 10 days with Marc. We also have the EMI (Engineering Ministries International) coming again to assist us in finishing the site plans for our current campus. We are looking forward to having them and gearing up for the fall, to jump back into ministry in the field. It has been a refreshing summer and we are ready to get back to Haiti. Once Marc returns with this team, we will be attending the MFI conference and then heading right back down to Haiti, all together. We have a great team compiled to help with getting the wall construction done with groups from four locations-  from Harvest Healing Centre in Strathmore,  from Crossroads Church in Red Deer,  from The Link Christian Fellowship in Medicine Hat and from Cornerstone Church in Saskatoon. Should be an exciting time! More exciting than the Saskatchewan landscape. :)
You can follow the team at our Team Blog.