Well, the itch is starting to get to me, not a head or body itch, (though I have had those before in Haiti) but the travel bug... I am gearing my mind up, and all of our bags, to head back down to Haiti. In fact, all of our bags are already packed and we still have a few weeks left. The house is clean, clothes sorted and old kids clothes given away and all of our supplies purchased. I am anxious to get back and see all of our staff and meet with them to set them on course for the year. I am eager to see progress on the wall continue and the medical clinic building details get finished up. I can't wait to start organizing a filing system for the clinic, planning with other local clinics and ministries of how we can better work together to serve the Grand-Goave community well. And of course, I am dying to get back to our church, to wave my hands high in the air and sing as loud as I can to match all the Haitian voices in worship. Our worship team is incredible at drawing the congregation into the spirit of adoration and creating an atmosphere for God to move and speak. I can't wait.

I am also really looking forward to working with new long-term missionaries, Wade and Marylin Fitzpatrick, who will be coming down with us and staying for 2 months to help with teams, work projects and administration. Wade has been a pastor for years and they are now feeling led to missions. I am also looking forward to the new teams who will be joining us this year and the new friends we will meet.

We have left Canada now and are on our way to the MFI (Minister's Fellowship International) Annual Conference, which is always amazing and re-charging for us right before heading back to the hard work of ministry. It is a great time of stirring up our vision and inspiring us to believe God for even more and greater things than have been done before! We are in Prosser, WA this weekend and will be sharing at Prosser Community Church. We love hanging out with the church and leaders here. Our friends, Pastor Rod and Sheila, have seven kids and everytime we are here there is always double that in kids of every age, not even including our four. Tonight there is a birthday party for one of them and there are more than 25 additional boys- that's a lot of testosterone! Asher (our oldest and only boy) is loving it! We will be at Living Waters Church in Salmon Arm, BC next Sunday.

Well, Haiti, here we come, anxious to soothe our itch in the cool Caribbean Sea.