Marc has returned back to Canada from Haiti along with the team that was with him for 10 days there from Harriston, Ontario. His reports back of their successful trip is nothing short of exciting for us! After so many battles and hinderances over the construction of the wall around the new second campus property, we finally have got the victory! God has granted us great favor. Once Marc got to Haiti, he met with the residents who were causing the trouble. He shared the vision of what we plan to do with the property and showed them the video of the plans for the new land, which you can see on the eMi video in our Video Gallery. They were thrilled to say the least and all decided that rather than fighting against us, they should be supporting and encouraging this work to go forward! They were even happier when Marc offered to leave a 3 ft easement on the outside of the wall for them to still have a passage. So for the first time in 2 years, our crews and the team went to work with completely smooth sailing and they were able to accomplish A LOT! We are pretty confident that with the team following in Oct and the crews working through the month, we will be able to complete the whole wall and be ready to start on construction projects on site by the new year!

This is so thrilling and we give all the praise to God, who gave us victory, just as He did with Nehemiah in times of old. And another amazing thing happened. Rather than losing land to a road going through the property, we have actually gained land. Two residents that had homes right on our property lines on either side of the land, who are also consequently members of our church, are willing to move to another piece of land so that we can make the boundary lines in these places straight, rather than going around their existing homes! Isn't God amazing? Both of them had homes destroyed by the earthquake, so we have offering to help rebild their homes on another piece of land in exchange of them giving us their existing pieces. I just love it when God makes the way. Here is a visual of how much wall has been built on the property and a glimpse of what plans we have for construction on it once the wall is done. The green lines were where the wall was already done and the red lines is what they were able to build in approximately 6 work days! The blue circles are where the homes were that will be moved and the parts that are marked yellow are still left to be done.

To complete this wall construction, we need about another $15,000 US. If you want to help with this, you can give online or by mail and just specify that you would like to help support the South Campus Wall.