Well Marc took off today for Haiti. He will meet the Crossroads Community Church team from Harriston, Ontario in Toronto and they will continue on together to Port Au Prince. Another team from EMI Canada (Engineering Ministries International) will be meeting them on the ground in Haiti. Marc Eddy will meet them with our well used white KIA bus to haul the team and all of their, undoubtedly, loads of big luggage to Grand-Goave. There, they will be met by our wonderful Haitian staff and a good friend who stayed on from the Surrey team to help out with this team- Christine Houghton. Christine with her dad, Gord Houghton.She is Gord's Houghton's daughter, hence the name, and trusted because of it. Gord was the team leader for the Surrey Alliance team and has been to Haiti so many times now that we actually made up a staff badge for him that says "BIG BOSS". I don't think that Christine will quite want to follow in his footsteps, as that is a title that is hard to fill, but she sure has been a help to get ready and set for the team's arrival. You can actually follow her along on her blog, I Will Go, for the duration of her time in Haiti. Be sure to follow the Team Blog too to find out what all those folks are up to down there.

We also encourage you to revisit the trip of the Surrey Alliance Team blog.

Also, there is a new page on our website, under How To Help- Pray for Us. On this page, you can keep up with our current prayer needs, and even share comments or words of encouragement.

I am going to miss Marc for these next ten days, but will be busy trying to wrap up life here in Canada to ready the kids and myself to head back to Haiti soon enough. There is end-of-the-season clearance sales to shop for summer clothes, stocking up on office supplies for Geanne (our secretary in Haiti), and preparing the vehicle for winter. Already did all the passport renewals and stuff like that. And I can't forget to work in doctor appointments and hopefully a massage before it is too late! All this typing has made my shoulders tense.