It has been such a refreshment to be back in Canada. We are thoroughly enjoying a time to rest. And we are blessed, because it is sunny and hot- a bit like Haiti minus the unbearable humidity that makes you sweat off pounds as you sit. Though the weight loss is nice, I do not miss dripping under my clothes. It is nice to be in a land with some sense of civil order too; cars stay on their side of the lanes, restaurants actually have what they advertise on their menus and your home is actually your private space. In Haiti there is a great sense of community and closeness that I really love and appreciate, but it can sometimes mean coming home to strangers sitting in your living room to watch your TV. On one occasion I remember a young man from our church came over to our house, popped his head in the living room to say hi then disappeared. He showed up again 5 minutes later to say good-bye, dripping wet. Yes, he had a shower at our house and then was on his way.
We just want to let anyone know that we are in North America now. If you want to go for coffee, or have Marc or I come share about Haiti, or just hang out, you're welcome to contact us! We would love to see you. Our agenda is not too full yet. It has been such a hectic year and half that we really need a break. But our weekends are open to speak. We do ask you for continued prayer for our situation concerning the land and wall on the new property. Marc has to go back to Haiti for a meeting July 15th, a court hearing with the local judge and mayor that will hopefully bring a conclusion and resolution to this issue. Please pray with us about that!
Well, I'm using the internet at the library, so I better get going. Blessings!