Dear Brothers and Sisters,We are so pleased today to write and update you on the situation of how things concerning our new property have unfolded. It has been an amazing work of God’s hand and we know that this is a result of your concerted prayers and our persistence in moving in the calling of God.

Just weeks before Lisa and I (Marc) left Haiti for the summer of traveling in North America, I had a divine appointment meeting the high court judge in Petit-Goâve. I had gone to search out the process of a court hearing to resolve the issues surrounding our new land. After being physically attacked the end of April when we went out with our crew to build the wall, we found out that the mayor of Grand-Goâve was somehow behind it, perpetrating the delays and trouble. So I was seeking a way to meet with the high court judge. I ran into him at a gas station without even knowing who he was and when he found out who I was, he told me he was very interested in helping us find a solution. Praise God!Read More

Two meetings were scheduled before I left Haiti by the high court judge, but both were canceled due to the mayor not showing. A new hearing date was scheduled for July 15th so I made the special trip to Haiti for the weekend of July 14-16th. The hearing was between the high court judge, the local justice of peace judge, the mayor and me, and God totally moved in our favor. The high court judge got on the mayor’s case, first for not showing up to the first hearing he had called the month before and second for not protecting and assisting Haiti ARISE to move forward in Grand-Goâve. Then the judge commended us for the work we are doing in the community and declared that no road needs to go through our property. It is private land and he gave us the full authority to continue to build our wall. He ruled that we only need to leave a small easement for a path on one side of the property. He also ordered the mayor to go and make the band of troublemakers aware that if they cause any more problems, they will be going to prison. The mayor left the meeting with a whole different attitude and ready to work with us! So we now have the full go ahead to finish the wall around our property and with the full support of the local government! Praise the Lord!

We are ready to raise funds and send teams specifically down to help get this wall finished and we want to get it done quickly before someone in Haiti changes their mind or the judge or mayor change their position!  We need about $20,000 US to finish the construction of the wall and we need able-bodied volunteers to join one of our teams!


  • 10-15 members,

  • Strong, healthy men,

  • Skilled in bricklaying and construction or working with their hands,

  • Can work quickly,

  • Dates: Sept 11-22, 2011 and Oct 10-21, 2011,

  • Special cost of $1,500 per person includes flights, hotel in route, travel insurance, lodging & transportation.

We want to push to finish the wall by Oct 30th. If it is not finished by the second team, we will put out a call for another team!
If you are available and want to join a team, please contact our team coordinator ASAP at for more details.If you or your church would be willing to make a donation toward the construction of the wall, please contact us or visit our website to donate. You can donate by mail or online.


Thank you so much for all of your prayers! You have been such a support. We are steps closer to fulfilling God’s vision!
Marc Honorat, President & Founder