We have begun our summer travels around North America to share updates and thanks to our supporting churches and friends. We invite you to check out our update video, posted on YouTube: Haiti ARISE 2010-11 Year in Review. We flew from Haiti directly to Sacramento, California, where we shared at 3 wonderful, vibrant churches- Impact Church in Roseville has been long-time friends and supporters of Haiti ARISE since the ministry began, Harvest Church in Concord & The Father's House in Vacaville, who were a great support after the earthquake and sent a team to Haiti this year. You can find out more about these churches by cicking on their church name. We had a fabulous time at each location, and have been so blessed in sharing the fellowship of the universal family of believers. It is also inspiring and a good reminder to us when we share of all that God is doing in Haiti that a lot has been accomplished in such a short time. Sometimes when we are in the midst of the ministry and work and endruing the hardships, we forget the blessings and the great works of the Lord. We are in WA now, meeting with our Haiti ARISE USA board and preparing to bring in new board members. Next we wil be traveling north to BC and then to Alberta. If you or your church would like us (Marc and Lisa Honorat) to come share about Haiti ARISE and what God is doing in Haiti, please contact us or our US or Canada office. We plan to be in North America for the summer.