It has been on my heart for weeks now, the condition of the elderly. It is those aged individuals that ought to be well respected and cared for in society, full of experiential wealth, but empty of physical force. Yet the contrary is usually the case. They are the ones often overlooked, set aside and neglected, because they don't make as much noise as a crying baby or demand attention with the same tenacity as a toddler. Yet they are in need of nurturing just as the infants at a mother's bossom. We have drawn a number of them into our church congregation. The beautiful thing about the church is the element of family. We become one with each other and are called to care for those in our midst as we would our own blood-related mother or child, if not more. We met with the elderly group on Sunday, led by some of our women leaders, Sister Leah and Sister Lucianna, and I (Lisa), to determine who of this group are true widows, with no one (outside the church) to care for them. It was a wonderful time, hearing from these dear ones and seeing the smiles on their faces show their appreciation for the attention. 

One of the medical team members brought from her own retirement fund some money to purchase a goat. We chose one of these dear ladies, 85 year old sister Liz, who lives alone and faithful attends every church service. Her house is just a one room mud hut, with a simple bed made from rags and a small charcoal burner for cooking her meals. She stands about 4 feet tall and she walks everywhere with a gentle smile.
Medical clinics finished today. They ran so smoothly this year. The air conditioner in the consultation rooms, we hear, really helped the doctors and nurses conserve their energy. I can't wait til next clinic when we are actually holding them in the new building! You can read their blogs to find out more about how the clinics ran at:Cranbrook Community- Haiti May 2011 Trip.