It has still been pretty quiet around here. A lull as we wait for the political protesting to subside and for a word from the mayor. Marc met with our Canadian board and the board has presented a letter for the Grand-Goave officials to challenge them to stand up and take responsibility. Marc also talked with the mayor this weekend and the mayor assured him that this issue would be resolved. The mayor had tried to meet with the group of men who had attacked us last week, but quickly found that would profit nothing. Sunday morning we had a powerful service in our church. Pastor Bazou led the congregation in an amazing time of prayer for the situation and for Grand-Goave and every family that makes up our assembly. We also led a symbolic prayer time, challenging the people to stand to defend the church and ministry in the authority God has given us through Jesus. We prayed to east and to the west, over our walls and over each Haiti ARISE property. We then prayed over our own hearts, asking God to help us to stand firm and to forgive the attackers. It was awesome to see them all stand!

Work is starting back up on the technical school, homes and clinic. We have a new team from Briercrest College, Saskatchewan that arrived yesterday to do sports camps as well as two gentleman from Crossroads Church in Red Deer, Alberta to help continue the work Roy was doing on the technical college. We will keep you posted on what happens with the wall. Again, I want to thank all of you for your prayers and encouraging emails. I may have missed some, since I sent out so many, my email said I went over quota! I apologize if you did not hear back from me.