After the adventures last month of riots, protesting and attacks and then the quiet lull in work projects and activity, life at Haiti ARISE has picked up again. We were blessed to have Albert Latrielle and Dan from Crossroads Church in Red Deer, AB come to continue leading our work crew on the work on the technical school posts and Eldon Ortlieb and Dave Porter from Surrey Alliance, Surrey, BC to install all the underground plumbing for the medical clinic. They all got their jobs done in record time! All the posts are poured on the school and all the plumbing done in one week. They all left last Saturday to head back home. We also finished up the rest of our market and wholesales with the ladies in the community and on Wednesday we held a market especially for kids. That was the funnest one of all. We laid out tables of toys, school supplies and soccer shoes and the kids were allowed to buy five things for $5 HA, which is about .60¢ US. The kids were so cute and so excited to pick things out for themselves. The smiles they went home with were the most precious of all. We were done and cleaned up by noon, and ready for the HFL medical team, who arrived late afternoon. Clinics have started and things are running smoothly. We have some returning members, but are missing Dr. Bob this time. If you would like to follow the medical team's blog, click on Cranbrook Community- Haiti May 2011 Trip.