We had a wonderful opportunity today to send 25 100lb bags of rice and eight boxes of clothes up to an area called Buteau/Fauche that is in a lot of need. The pastor of a church and school there has been working hard to minister to his own people, but they are in a zone that does not get noticed by the aid groups. He has come to our Pastor's Conferences, so he was familiar with who Haiti ARISE is. A friend recommended we check out what he is doing in Fauche and see if there was any way to help out, so today Marc went to go see. We found that they do not have accessible water, and since we have funds to drill one more community well, we have chosen to drill it in Fauche. The Pastor came down to Grand-Goave to visit our campus and we sent them back with a truckload of rice and boxes of clothes.

It is amazing. Times flies quickly. Each time I think I need to sit down and write a blog I just don't make it to the computer. This week was back into full swing. With all the items that came in the containers, we have been doing our best to liquidate them. We started a program that our church and community really have embraced and are excited about. We had so many clothes that came, we decided to do some flea markets, selling all clothes for $5 HA, which is about .75 cents US. They loved that. Then since we had lots of products that came brand new, like lotions, mouthwash, creams, we decided with our ladies group to form a cooperative to help them launch some commerce. We had a week of wholesale markets for the ladies and this really thrilled them. The containers cost us $6,000 US each to get out of port, so this is helping regain back some of our cost, but mostly it is going into the church fund to help construction of a new church building. We have encouraged our church people for years that if they want a nice church, it is for them to deposit the seed and believe for God to make it grow. We are beginning to see it!

Another amazing thing happened this week that was very encouraging. We had a staff meeting and a meeting with all of our construction workers, totalling about 50 employees. We shared more in detail what has been happening with this battle over the new property wall and we challenged them to stand up and defend Haiti ARISE, if they felt it was worth defending. Their response was overwhelming and very encouraging. Many had suggestions to start a petition through town, to go on the radio and share word to mouth to make the community feel the impact Haiti ARISE is making in Grand-Goave. They then prayed over Marc and the leaders in fervent and intense prayer, for protection, prosperity and victory. It was incredible! Nothing more has happened with the land or wall, as the mayor has gone on trip and doesn't plan to be back for a month. In the meantime, we are garnering support and prayer and lots of encouragement from the community.