It is always amusing to me the way word travels, just like that game telephone when one whispers in another's ear a simple sentence and at the end of the chain it is totally different than the original phrase. It is just the same as gossip, sweet morsels people love to swallow, but then later realize to their own shame that they feasted on falsehoods. Camita, our babysitter, got a call this morning from a concerned church member who heard that I was beat by those who attacked us. At least she had the sense to check a source who would know for sure, but most don't. We've also heard some say that our family has already packed up and gone back to Canada. Boy, they will be surprised when they still see us in the street. But there is one Word that we can stand on, and that is God's Word that never changes! His Word and promises are FOREVER true!

Last night we had a powerful prayer service with a handful of church members. Pastor Bazou and I exhorted the people that we must stand to defend what God has given us, but also extend forgiveness. It is also amazing how the very things we have been studying in Sunday School come to light, as in the lessons of Abraham we learned right after you experience a victory you can be sure you will face trials. Once on the mountain peak, there is only one way to travel, back down into the valley again. Just a week ago we had some of the most incredible services and celebrations. But God's mighty hand is always there to lead us through and promise protection. Marc was remarking that he reflected all day after the attacks on Tuesday how much God had protected him. He then told me how the attacks started on the ground when the workers went to start building the wall on Tuesday morning. They had police assistance until they were called to another political matter in town. Once the police were gone, a mob of rioters came attacking our crew, with Marc right in the middle. He said they encircled them on every side and rocks and bottle were whizzing past his head and it was like a shield was all around him. Not ONE hit him, though many smashed inches from his head and arm against a mango tree behind him. No one was seriously injured. Camita also noted that morning school had reopened and Asher and Jasmine were ready to go to class when Asher realized he forgot his backpack. He refused to go to class without it, so Camita decided to take them home, just half an hour before.
We are now staying in prayer and waiting... waiting for the political climate to settle down as there are still election results being contested. Waiting for the mayor to conclude with his decision. Waiting for the judge, who already issued the order for us to construct our wall, to pronounce his judgement on the attackers. We are also waiting to see the impact this will have on our church, as we have learned that some of our own church members have been involved since the start. And we wait on God, who is our strength and peace! I want to thank all of you who have been praying and sending encouragements and insights. The references to Nehemiah, Elisha and so many others are a confirmation that God is with us. And if our God is for us, then who can ever stop us? And if our God is with us, then who can stand against?