Another week has begun and another team has joined us, this time from The Link Christian Fellowship, from Medicine Hat, Alberta. This is their 3rd trip to Haiti in the past 3 years. They will be keeping a blog that you can follow at: Link Haiti Trip. We plan to storm the wall this week, meaning, get a bunch of guys to go out and start working, with police surveillance to make sure no trouble makers come around to stop the work. We finally got court order to go ahead and build the wall around the 2nd campus property, where we have been having so many land disputes from local residents who want a public highway through the land. You can read past blogs to find out the details, but we still ask you to pray for us. This has been a battle that is clearly from the enemy, because in all natural common sense, it doesn't make any!

This week is also going to be a busy one with Easter activities- special kid's programs, prayer services, a Good Friday service with the Passion of Christ film, and a special Sunday morning Resurrection service. We also are having a Sunday School celebration Sunday afternoon with all of the classes, which will be lots of fun, complete with memory verse competitions, skits from the lessons on the life of Abraham and the kids choir performing songs on the life of David. Shall be a fun week!