It has been a wonderful time for our family for the holidays, having a relaxing time and getting together with friends. We have enjoyed a traditional Christmas this year in Canada. Christmas Eve we attended a beautiful service, singing Christmas hymns and carols, and visiting with dear friends from Eastside City Church, our home church in Calgary, before heading over to James and Michele Roberts' home for hot apple cider and fellowship. When we got back home, we read the Christmas story from Matthew and Luke with the kids, then each prayed, telling Jesus Happy Birthday and giving thanks for the gifts He has given us! Ariana prayed first, with her little jabber, then Jasmine- she sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to Jesus. Then Miesha prayed and thanked God for dying for us and for giving her a brother and sisters. Asher thanked God for his friends in Haiti and his cousins here. Marc and I closed in prayer. We are so grateful for the miracle God gave us this season. Jesus, came as a babe, to identify with His creation and open the way of salvation.

Christmas morning, the kids all piled in our bed around 8am. "Wake up, mom and dad, it's Christmas!" Oh, it seemed so early. Just 10 more minutes, kids. We finally rolled out of bed, with all four kids rolling out after us. They trampled quickly down the stairs eager to open gifts. Each of the kids bought one present for another, and one for Marc and I. They were so cute, cause they all saw each other's gifts before opening them, but they still acted surprised. They told each other what they wanted and they stood in the checkout lines next to each other to buy them, pretending not to see each other. Marc and I both got perfume from the kids. After opening the presents, we had a great breakfast of pancakes, eggs and ham. Then the kids played contentedly all morning and into the afternoon with their new toys. Marc had nap on the couch and I started on Christmas dinner- my first time making turkey dinner. James and Michele planned to come over with their four kids after they went to serve the homeless a Christmas brunch that day. They called us around noon and I had not put the turkey in yet. Somehow I miss calculated how many hours it would take and thought it would only be 2hours for an 18 lbs. turkey. James corrected my mathematical errors, so I got busy and got that turkey in the oven! They arrived around 5pm. All the vegetables were ready, but the turkey took another 2 hours. It was all good though. We enjoyed a relaxing evening, played board games and listened to Christmas music. It has been a wonderful Christmas this year just with our little family.

This week we will gather up all our things again and get ready to head back to Haiti, to all the busyness and to all of our wonderful friends there.