I got my nurses training over the last two days of medical clinics, enough to carry on an I.V. for one of the patients that had an infection so bad that hit had reached her heart. She came in the first day of clinics with a huge open wound on her foot that was terribly infected. Her story goes that she used to live with her mom in PAP and when she fell sick, 11 months ago, with sore feet, her mom brought her out to Grand-Goave and dropped her at her cousin's house. She has not come back for her since. Whatever it was inside her foot, it got infected and swelled, puncturing the skin open. With no one to care for her and hardly eating one meal a day, there was no hope of healing in sight. Someone told her about our clinic and she made her way down to get a ticket- yes, walking on an infected foot. Lisa nurses Guerline back to health.She is 23 years old, but tiny enough to look at the most 13 years old. The doctors cleaned her up real well, but found that her heart had terrible murmurs due to the infection reaching throughout her body. So she came in everyday, even Sunday, for her foot to be cleaned, dressings changed, fed a meal and administered an intravenous. The antibiotics are supposed to keep going for another two weeks. So, I got the privilege of learning how to administer an IV. Mom and Grandma Po, you'd be so proud! Dr. Bob was calling me Nurse Lisa. I actually really enjoyed doing it, after I got over the nerves of using a needle on someone else.

The medical team packed up and left this morning. They saw over 1,000 patients. The charts are actually numbered now and properly filed! An amazing improvement from past years lack of alphabetization. We cleaned up the rooms this morning and I was finally able to refocus on some office work that has been looming over me all week. With all the excitement of the clinics, I could not focus on hardly anything for more than 20 minute stints. there was always someone popping their head in to ask for help with this or that. The stories of the patients are so amazing and intriguing too that I am more than happy to step out of the office to help out.

We have a family coming tomorrow, who have already been in Haiti for a week. The couple are both doctors, one of them was here in May. So they will be doing some follow-up with patients that needed to be checked again after the team left. They will also be doing physicals for all of our elementary students and staff. Eldon and his guys are still here for a few more days too working on the medical clinic. I will try to get some photos up soon.

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