Last week was incredibly exhausting emotionally. By Saturday I hit my limit and broke down in tears at the end of the day. I felt God speaking to me all week to rest in Him and I just kept trying to push myself, to the point that I knew I was being disobedient by the end of the week. With Geanne out of the office, Marilyn and I worked so hard to get all the accounting current and balanced. I was in the office until 10pm Friday night to get it done. Saturday morning I felt strongly that God was telling me to just stay home, not to venture into the office and just enjoy the day with the kids. But we spent every last penny that was in the office and I felt I had to get to the bank... So to the office I went... And worked all morning, waiting for my transportation to the bank, which did not come until after 1pm. Thinking the bank was open til 3pm, we headed out only to find it closed at 1pm. I was tired, frustrated and my shoulders were so tense I just wanted to get home and lay down. The whole way home from Petit Goave, I felt God gently chastising me. We normally would go to the beach in the afternoon, but the funeral for the girl from our school, who was killed by the loose live power line this week, was being held at 3pm. All the school kids grades 1-5, mine included, were to be at the campus by 2pm, in uniform to attend the funeral. I had to go. Ceres made four trips with the white van (a 15-passenger), with it stuffed with kids, at least 40 each trip. The funeral was full of people. This young girl, only days from her 9th birthday, had a very respected reputation in town, top in her class and in the school, admired and loved by neighbors and family. It was very hard. The mother was not even present, she was so grieved. When the casket was being carried out, the wailing of mourning began, some women coming completely undone, collapsing on the floor. There was a parade of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles that followed the hearse. All of our students representing our school joined the entourage til the point where the family home was. The cars continued to the grave site. Our student unloaded at the family home to go honor the mother. One by one, a line of 200 kids in uniform went on the porch, kissed her cheek and then filed out. When I came up and realized who the mother was and saw her tears, this broke me. I was numb the rest of the evening until I returned back to the campus where I finally let it all out.

Sunday marked a new day, a fresh start. A favorite verse of mine in the Psalms says, "Though sorrow may last for the night, joy comes in the morning." We held church under the mango trees, as we are rebuilding the temporary shelter of the church, making it more solid and presentable. We've laid all plywood flooring and turned it's direction to make it longer and wider. It is looking amazing and the church people have been eager to come out and work together to see it done. it should be done by next Sunday. Yesterday though was beautiful, refreshing out in the open, and Wade's sermon, highlighting Jesus' sermon on the mount from Matthew 5-7 was so appropriate for the setting. After church we went to the beach and relaxed. In the evening we took the team to a restaurant in town called Mondy's. We like to call it our goat and coke stop, cause they make excellent fried goat and sell coke in the old fashioned bottles. But they don't have a menu to choose from, you basically get whatever they have to serve. We we all hoping for goat, but out of all 11 of us, for some reason, I was the only one that lucked out to get it- Marc and Wade were pretty jealous. :) After dinner we watched Digicel Stars, the Haitian equivalent to American Idol- one of our church musicians, Kelly, is in the finals, the last top three. He did a great job! After we had a nice stroll through town. Just the small changes of scenery can really help clear your mind and spirit. I repented to the Lord for not listening so well, and pushing to do things my own way. I learned a good lesson, that submission is for our own good. God wanted me to rest in Him so I would not be stressed, tired and frustrated. He loves us and wants the best for us. He knows what we need to do and He can help us do it in His strength and in His timing. Oh, why am I so... human?

So today is a new week. The joy of the Lord is my strength. And... Geanne is back in the office. I was so happy to see her, I gave her a big hug. She does so much around here. the team has had their own fair share of challenges and set backs this past week, with the last corner of the wall. We need your prayers, for this week to go smooth and that God would give us success to completely close the wall. You can read their Team Blog to hear what's happening with them. It's been a great group.