Life sometimes takes us on unexpected turns and twists, thrusting us up towards the heavens and then suddenly plunging us to the depths of the grave. The last two days have been such. Yesterday was a more than perfect day. We arrived at church early, to help set up for a visiting choir that was making their way out to Grand-Goave from Port Au Prince. The bus had gone out early morning, making two trips back and forth, unloading the 40-member group. The women were dressed in white with red belts and red hi-heels, the men dressed in black suits with red bow ties. At the start of the day, I was not feeling so well, so I did not join the Sunday School class. I rather helped set up the chairs, make sure they were all clean and that there was enough space on the stage. The main service started with great worship led by our very anointed worship leader, Marc Eddy. I felt thirsty, as a deer pants for water, so the psalmist says in chapter 42. Then the choir was invited to share their pieces. They arranged themselves in clusters on the stage and began to raise their voices together, first gently like an evening breeze, then ever rising with fervency. Their voices rang out so pure, in perfect harmonies and melody that I felt I was drawn into the heavens. I could see myself before His throne, with angels and saints all around, raising our praises and hands to God Almighty! I was so moved with the presence of the Holy Spirit strongly. The whole church was mesmerized, in awe of the power of the worship.

Yet in the midst of this day's perfection, Marc came forward to appeal the church to pray for a special young boy, Roosevelt, who has a sever heart condition. He has been a patient of our clinics and we have been working hard for over a year trying to arrange for heart surgery, yet to no avail. In recent weeks, his situation has turned very grave and at every turn it seems that man cannot help. Hospitals don't do the kind of surgery he needs here, we can't get him the proper access to travel elsewhere for it, and now his abdomen is severely bloated with fluid due to his heart not functioning properly, causing doctors to now say he is no longer a candidate for surgery. He is too far gone. There is only one place left to turn, to the One who made Roosevelt's heart in the first place, the one who can make it function properly again. His mom was in the congregation and when Marc asked for the boy, she reported that he can no longer walk, he is in so much pain. We all with one cry went before God, imploring of Him for a miracle for this young boy. My heart wrenched as I poured out tears before God. Please, heal the boy, Lord! Please.

The choir came back up again at the end of the service. The powerful presence of the Lord was so rich and pure, thick and tangible. Everyone was aware of it. It was a sacred service. The rest of the service I was so undone. I cried more tears in those 3 hours of service than I have in a long time. It was realization of God's awesome presence, an intense sense of gratitude for His unfailing love and amazing mercy on our lives, the revelation of how broken our world is and how perfect yet gracious our God and King is. The rest of the songs the choir sung were so amazing, so resounding, it seemed as though the tin roof was going to blow off the shelter. At the beginning of service I felt I was drawn up to Heaven. At the end of the service, it was as though they were pulling Heaven down to meet us right where we were! Incredible!

That afternoon, we went for Geanne's engagement party, Geanne & Wilchide's engagement. They even match!which was also such a joy and testament to God's great faithfulness to these two young people who have wholeheartedly given themselves to Him. They had invited all the parents and family to listen as they shared their desire to commit their lives to one another and invite counsel from their loved ones. It was beautiful. An amazing example too of a pure relationship. They even wore matching clothes. Marc and I left there so blessed and honored to support such an upstanding young couple in their endeavor to start a relationship together. They plan to marry next Dec 2012. It was a perfect day.

Today seemed to be a normal day of office work and another work team arriving. Then news came to us that one of our school children was killed this afternoon. A huge blow. Another young life snuffed out like a wick. Just 10 years old, in the class after Asher's. She was on her way to her aunt's house on her bike and she got caught on a loose hanging electrical wire that someone had attached to the main city line. It electrocuted her and killed her instantly. Marc found the mother by her child still lying in the street, in deep sobs. He prayed with her, and returned here with a very heavy heart.

The roller coaster, we can never determine it's next sudden jolt. This one thing I know. Jesus said "Let the little children come to me, for such as these does the Kingdom of Heaven belong." Yesterday, I tasted and almost tangibly felt God's Heavenly presence, making me ever more desire to be with Him. Today, a dear child is sitting in His lap.