I have a feeling my next two weeks are going to be busy. Geanne, our secretary and bookkeeper in Haiti, is taking her two weeks vacation starting today. She is to be engaged November 20, which in Haiti is a planned event. A bit unlike North America, there is a process to be respected for the engagement to be officially "recognized" by friends and family. This is especially true in Christian circles. First, the young man goes to the parents of the young woman, asking permission for her hand in marriage. Then, if the parents approve of the choice, they take it to the pastor, or the leaders of the church for a sort of interview, I like to call it. The young man gets grilled on how he will provide for her, what his plans are, etc. Then if all is good to go, there is an official party where friends and family are invited to celebrate with the newly engaged couple. So I am looking forward to attending Geanne's engagement. Many of you may know her suitor. Wilchide Adam, who has been a translator, electrician and electricity teacher for Haiti ARISE in the past. He is a great pick for her.

But back to business. Her being out of the office means me and Marilyn will be running the ship, so to speak, making sure that supplies are paid for, payrolls are delivered and phone calls are answered. We also have Dr. Blair, his wife, Dr. Barb, and their three young girls, with us for the week to continue with patient follow-ups and doing physicals for all of our elementary school students and staff. Two of the students,they already uncovered as having minor heart murmurs.

The clinic building is looking awesome. I gotta get some pictures up for you all to see! Maybe even a short a video. The doors are hung, electricity in, fans and lights on, and cabinets and plumbing in. It's looking beautiful!

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