We are anticipating the arrival of the Cranbrook Community Medical Team. They flew into PAP at 10:30 am and our aiport crew left early morning to trudge through the swarms of vehicles and human masses in the city. Our airport crew consists of drivers, Yvon and Sterling, and team hosts, Marc Eddy and Wade Fitzpatrick.

Wade and Marilyn are here with us for 2 months, to serve as team hosts and facilities manager, which basically just means helping us keep an eye on all the facilities and operations and helping provide direction and assistance to our teams and staff. Wade has been a pastor for 27 years so he and his wife bring lots of experience, maturity and understanding to the table. They have felt God's pulling toward foreign missions for a number of years and now they have finally been presented with the opportunity to jump in. We are so glad to have them here with us and they have not lagged in getting involved and being a blessing. They have been on two trips previous to Haiti ARISE, the last one with both of their sons, who are very jealous that their parents get to be here now.

You can follow their personal blog of their journies with us at :.Go... matthew 28:19.

We have also posted a new blog on our site, where you can read past long-term missionaries' blogs. You can find it in the Our Blogs menu, Long Term Missionaries Blog.

If you are a prayer warrior or just feel compelled to pray for Haiti ARISE one day, and want to know what our current prayer needs are, we encourage you to check out our Pray for Us page.

Also, don't forget to check out the Team Blog to follow along with the current team here. We are eager to get clinics going with the doctors and nurses coming today. We will be having eight full days of clinics and are sure to see all kinds of interesting cases. It has been quiet for a few days, but all of that tranquility will be gone in just a few hours once the team arrives.

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