The wall construction team has gone. They took off at the crack of dawn- actually before, at 4am. We had an amazing time with them and they really got a lot accomplished! Here is another picture of what they were able to do. The red lines are what was already done, the blue is what they finished and the yellow is what is left. They put up a total of 156 12ft cement posts and 1450 5x1 foot panels for a total of 780 ft of wall! They were HARD workers and determined to get as much done as possible. The last day they completely ran out of panels, so the work was done.

When they got around the "troubled corner", so we like to call it, Marc was rejoicing! You should have seen his face. All the team were excited, cause he was excited and they all did a jig. Steve got it on camera. He's going to send me the picture, so I will post it when it comes!

WE NEED ONE MORE TEAM! Nov 20- Dec 3 are the dates that we will be taking one more wall construction team to finish off the yellow parts of the wall. If you feel a tug to come, or know someone who would be perfect for a hard labor work trip like this, SIGN UP NOW!! Since it is such short notice, we are offering a deal of $1500 per person, covering flights, hotel and stay in Haiti.  Please contact Kathleen Harrison, our team coordinator for more information.

We sure miss the team already. It was pretty quiet here today. But now we are getting ready for the medical team coming this week, arranging rooms and readying the resident building to be transformed one last time into a fully functioning clinic. They arrive Wednesday. Eldon Ortlieb also is coming on Monday to get the clinic buiding finishing touches done. Dr Bob is super excited! We are too. We have been in communication with the directors of Lifeline, who have a mission and clinic in Grand-Goave also that has been here about 25 years. We have a good relationship with them and we are trying to share as much information as possible so that we collaborate on the work being done in Grand-Goave. That is not so easy with some of the other organizations or government run places in town, but we are doing our best.

We met with our leaders this morning to get reports on the summer activities. They have done a fabulous job of keeping things running smooth. Then we had some visitors from Port Au Prince for lunch and afterwards we went home for a sleep. Tomorrow is church. Yeah!