What a great weekend! Relaxing, fun and exciting. We spent Saturday afternoon at Taino Beach, after the team worked a hard morning finishing at 2pm. Some ordered lobster and Marc was in a competitive barter over the price which he successfully got down to $9 a lobster from $30. Everyone had a great time there. The kids were in the water the longest. Jasmine and some of the Haitian boys that are always tagging along with us went for a boat ride. Jasmine was a little nervous, but she did fine.

The kids played and played. Ariana floated ever so nonchalantly in her little dingy and Miesha and all the boys buried each other in the sand and looked for seashells. They are so happy to be back with their friends. Sure didn't take them long to remember their Creole- and their toys. Here is Miesha with Ken.


Today, we had an amazing service at church. It was great to be back in the midst of our Haitian brothers and sisters and to remark how many of our young people are coming into leadership. The Sunday School classes are still full and thriving, the worship was so powerful, I felt it draw God's presence down on us, and the Word that Pastor Elizabeth shared was amazing. She also gave a prophetic word to Archange, one of our leaders, that was so bang on, my heart was leaping with joy.

After lunch, which was Lucianna's famous lasagna, we went to another beach that is in a place called Petit Paradi, just a bit before Grand Goave on the way back to Port Au Prince. The sand is black there and there is a small island that you can swim to. So we did. I was sure tired by the time we got there. It looked a lot closer than it was. We hung out there for a while- the sand there is white. Then it was getting late, so we thought we should head back, but noticed a few jellyfish in the water. When we kept looking to find a good place that would be a little shorter distance, we saw that the water had LOTS of jellyfish. I was really freaked and not too excited about swimming through them. But the team prayed and then some of them took the plunge and just started swimming for it. So, there I went too, scared out of my mind! I don't remember the last time feeling so scared... and logically it was a bit silly. The worst that could happen would be a little sting, right? Well, I have never swam so fast in my life! I had goggles on, so I could see them as I swam through. I was quoting scriptures in my mind about not fearing, and his rod and staff are with me and all that, and He brought me through unscathed! Two of the team members got stung, but they were OK. 

Then we had a very Haitian meal at a very Haitian restaurant on the beach. It took forever, the silverware came out last and the power was out so we couldn't see our food. But it tasted great. All in all, it was a great weekend.