Well, we have hit the ground, Haitian ground that is, and just about running. We flew through Miami, got in late crashed in bed at 1am and rose again at 7am to catch the flight to Haiti. We were blessed to stay in the Miami Airport Hotel, which is inside the airport. We met up with the wall construction team in the check-in line, a team from members that came from all over- Surrey, BC; Saskatoon, SK; Medicine Hat, Red Deer & Strathmore, AB. We touched down into Port Au Prince at 11am and managed to get out of the airport unscathed, but once we arrived in Grand-Goave 3 hours later at the campus and unpacked we found that 3 bags were left at the airport- our bags, the ones with the kids clothing and school materials in them. Kind of important stuff. So Marc turned around promptly and made the journey back to PAP to rescue the bags. He got back home around 7:30pm just in time to miss church and make it for supper. 

We started the day out early before the bright- 5:30am! Wow, haven't done that in a while. It was hard to keep my eyes open, but we got up to pray, resolving again to rise up and seek His face. I had to walk around and pray out loud and shake off the slumber. I felt though it was almost prophetic of what we have to do here in Haiti to press ahead. There is so much that can pull down and make one feel lethargic and discouraged, both in the natural and in the spiritual that it takes a lot of effort to rise above it, to push through and to strive with courage to go higher. We even felt that as the team began work this morning on the wall. Getting everyone organized, things lined up and the Haitians and team all synced up together took some time. At lunch we debriefed and devised a better plan for the afternoon and they pushed through! They got up 17 posts for the all and lots more holes dug. Awesome. There has been good progress already. 

I am thrilled personally to have a good friend of ours that we have known for about 12 years, Stephanie Mackie, on the team. We went to Bible School and church together at Eastside City Church in Calgary and we used to play on the worship team together. It is so cool how God connects people along our paths, ones that we intersect with throughout life. She and her sister went with me today to our house to help unload all of our bags and organize kids clothes. We were sweating lots by the time we were done that we decided it was a good idea to go get the rest of the team, who were probably sweating more than us working on the wall, and take them all to the beach. We attempted to drive, in two very loaded down vehicles, but one road was washed out from the river and the other route was so deep with mud that it was impassable. But we were determined, so we got out and walked. Once we got to the beach we all dove in and were so refreshed! On our walk home, the dark caught us. Maneuvering through the mud was a challenge, but we made it back and had a wonderful supper. It is really nice to be back home. It has started out busy, but I don't feel stressed. I feel refreshed, revived, renewed with passion to fullfill the vision God has given us. 

Well, on our way home to put the kiddies to bed. My bed is calling me too. I am ready for a good night's sleep and to rise up early again to see what tomorrow holds. I encourage you to follow the team blog too.