The energy in town is alive! There is a new sense of hope in the air and the people are eager to embrace it. We started off this new year of activities with early morning prayer services Thursday and Friday. In collaboration with the local Pastors' Association and another evangelical group called VIHAMO and Haiti ARISE, we held 3 days of crusades. The worship was hopping! So much that dust stirred up into big clouds over the bouncing crowd. The word was powerful and many responded to the invitation of salvation. Today we had a march through town where 5,000 danced up and down through the streets, declaring this year 2011 for Jesus and Grand-Goave to ARISE! We sewed banners and flags to celebrate and two large trucks full of BIG speakers blasted praise music. It was an incredible experience. When we arrived at the national highway, all the roads were blocked by the crowds of people, shouting "We block the streets for Jesus! He's going to clear the way for us this year!"

Monday to Wednesday, January 10-12, 2011, at Haiti ARISE, we will be hosting a community-wide seminar for all pastors, leaders, teachers and professionals, inspiring the community leaders with spiritual and social messages. We have a group of five Canadians with us to assist in the activities. Pastor Ed Allan, from Daystar Christian Assembly in Leduc, Alberta & Pastor Russ Wilson from Cornerstone Church in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan have been preaching and ministering with powerful prophetic words and prayer. They will be teaching on leading in times of crisis. Bev and Nancy Heward, also from Leduc, Alberta have come. Nancy will be speaking on health and prevention of disease. Chris Berquist, a geologist from Calgary, will be sharing with the people how and why earthquakes and other disasters happen and how they can be better prepared for when they do. We also have David and Beth Dale-Barrett for 3 months to help manage projects and lead teams. David will be teaching on construction and how to build stronger in the seminar.
On Wednesday, we will be finishing with a round table with all the local radio and TV stations and a special memorial service to remember those who lost their lives in the January 12 earthquake. Please continue to pray for Haiti, that this year would be a year of deliverance and freedom in Christ!