Today was an exciting day. We started Sunday School classes in the church and the people were so eager for it to get going, they were Early! That is a huge deal in Haiti. The enthusiasm of each class was contagious, one trying to outdo the next, reciting their memory verses, and singing loudly. Six adult classes met in the elementary school classrooms, averaging about 25 each. The children, from ages 0-14 met in the church with about 100 kids. This year has started out strong with the atmosphere of the church very positive and eager to grow in Christ. This part of the ministry brings us real joy, seeing people coming to Jesus, hungry for more of Him. The last team we just had from The Father’s House in Vacaville, CA, really ministered to the people also in prayer and ministry. Every evening service is full of passionate worshippers and the altars flooded with those eager for prayer.

This weekend, between one team leaving and before another comes, has been very restful. It’s great having teams here, and it’s great also to have a break. Marc and I spent Friday afternoon at home with the kids, playing, reading, singing, before making popcorn and cookies and hanging out with David, Beth, Chris and Rebecca to watch an encouraging, lighthearted movie. Saturday English and computer classes started up again and in the afternoon we went on an adventure in search of a new swimming spot at the beach. We found a place with black sand and a little island 400 meters out in the water with white sand. Some swam out, the kids and I rode in little dug out mango tree canoes, with the water level just inches from the edge and the crystal waters gleaming by softly. It was beautiful, serene. These days, when I say kids, it includes four other of Asher’s buddies, his troop. He is amazing at bringing kids in, making them feel welcome and sharing Jesus with them. And he never receives anything without first asking if we have enough for his friends, Ken, Roosney, Kiki & now Mwayens. “Mom, can we get a drink for them too? Can we get cookies for them too?” Miesha is of a different sort. She likes reaching out more to the young adults who come on teams. When the Father’s House team arrived, after the horror of driving through the still devastated Port Au Prince, Miesha greeted the team as soon as their bus door opened with a “Hi, I’m Miesha. What’s your name?” One of the team members told us that all the shock and despair melted away with her warm smile. Kids have a real special place in the kingdom of God.
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