Yesterday we had a visit from a large group of Westjet employees, Canada Football League players and TSN media journalists. They came right in the midst of all of the Anniversary activities. The awesome thing was that they chose to come on Sunday and they all joined us for church and the march through the streets. Most of them were so overwhelmed by their experience driving through Port Au Prince that they were filled with tears and relief to come to our campus. Many of them shared it was the first glimmer of hope they saw in Haiti so far on their trip. You can see their article posted on TSN: 360 Degrees of Dispair. Westjet has been a huge supporter for the relief efforts in Haiti this year and specifically for Haiti ARISE, they have provided countless free flight vouchers for volunteers coming to work with Haiti ARISE. Thank you! They just spent the day and we sent them on their way with lots of prayers for the rest of their tour through Haiti.-1/10/11