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"Feed the hungry and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as day."

Isaiah 58:10

Goat Farm & Agriculture


It has been said, “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat forever.” With this motto, it is our desire to train local residents basic agriculture skills and principles so they can in turn provide for their families. The goal for establishing a goat farm as well as agricultural farming is to teach husbandry and training in raising goats for dairy. This undertaking will be a part of our Technical Institute training program.



A 2-acre parcel of land was purchased in the community of Chamette, not far from our current main campus, for the purpose of establishing the goat farm. A perimeter wall was almost completely constructed, when the January 12 earthquake caused it to collapse. Plans are to rebuild the wall and build a barn and farming facility for housing goats, as well as milking and processing natural cheeses. The goat farm is not yet in operation.

Estimated Project Cost: $35,000 US

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Current operations

The Goat Farm is still an important element of the technical school training, but has been shifted in order of priorities since the earthquake caused other more urgent needs to arise. This project has been put on hold for the time being until once the technical school building is back in operation. In the meantime, we still provide families in need of income with goats for starting their own small business to raise them for resale or meat. We also have continued with our agricultural program, facilitating a community garden including bee keeping.

Funding for the goat farm has been largely sponsored by Farm House Natural Cheeses, Agassiz, BC.


Cost of a goat for a family: $100-200 US.