Goat Farm & Agriculture


It has been said, “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat forever.” With this motto, it is our desire to train local residents basic agriculture skills and principles so they can in turn provide for their families. The goal for establishing a goat farm as well as agricultural farming is to teach husbandry and training in raising goats for dairy. This undertaking will be a part of our Technical Institute training program.


A 2-acre parcel of land was purchased in the community of Chamette, not far from our current main campus, for the purpose of establishing the goat farm. A perimeter wall was almost completely constructed, when the January 12 earthquake caused it to collapse. The wall has been rebuilt and the land planted for grass grazing plots to do graze rotations for the goats. Goat barns have been built for our male goat and our mother goats, as well as a quarantine area for new goats just coming in to the farm. 

Current operations

The goat farm is now open and fully operational as of January 2016. We have purchased a number of imported superior bred goats.  These goats are for breeding with the Haitian goats to help improve the local stock. We currently have 15 goats and many babies coming all the time. 

We have begun a 5th grade training course to teach students how to raise goats. When they complete the six month course, they receive their own goat to take home. Once their goat has its first set of babies, they return the first baby back to the program to continue with training another group of students. 

We also provide breeding services to the community for a small fee with our superior male buck. 

Our agriculture program has also been very successful, providing vegetables for the kitchen and community, and stocks of new seeds. 

Funding for the goat farm has been largely sponsored byFarm House Natural Cheeses, Agassiz, BC. 

How You Can Help

You can help support this project by buying goats, agriculture tools, or seeds and trees through our Online Gift Catalogue or by going to our DONATE page and selecting to support the Goat Farm.