Goat Farm & Agriculture


It has been said, “If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat forever.” Through our "Kids 4 Kids" after school program we provide education on goat management to elementary school students. Students are given a pregnant goat after a 12-week course. Future goat offspring from the goats our students receive can be used to provide funds for their schooling, or in turn to help provide for their families. 

Our Agriculture program has also been very successful. The purpose of the Agriculture program is to teach individuals basic skills to grow vegetable gardens. Agriculture students are introduced to a greater variety of vegetables that can be successfully grown in backyard gardens in Haiti. 

Current operations

The goat farm has been fully operational since January 2016. We currently have 23 fenced paddocks and 2 barns on a 2-acre walled property in Chamette, not far from our main Grand Goave campus. There are goat barns for our male goat and our mother goats, as well as a quarantine area for new goats just coming in to the farm. 

We have purchased a number of imported superior boer goats. These goats are for breeding with the Haitian goats to help improve the local stock. The goat farm operates as a demonstration farm for improved genetics, feeding practices and goat husbandry. In addition, the goat farm serves as a vehicle for community outreach. The farm has been divided into rotational grazing pens, plots planted to provide year around feed and are under supplemental irrigation. 

We have begun our "Kids 4 Kids" program with our elementary 5th grade students. We hold classes every nine months to follow the kidding season of the goats. Each class trains 5-12 students over 12 weeks. Once their goat has its first set of babies, they return the first baby back to the program to continue with training another group of students.

To enlarge the program and to continue to improve the herd genetics, we are always looking to purchase more goats from the local community and source pure breeds. We also provide breeding services to the community for a small fee with our superior male buck. 

Our agriculture program has also been very successful, providing vegetables for the kitchen and community, and stocks of new seeds. Our demonstration gardens help serve as a place for training through agricultural seminars and in helping community members establish their own small home gardens. 

How You Can Help

You can help support this project by buying goats, agriculture tools, or seeds and trees through our Online Gift Catalogue or by going to our DONATE page and selecting to support the Goat Farm.