Food Distributions


As a part of community outreach and to fulfill our calling to help care for the poor, Haiti ARISE is engaged in providing rice and food distributions in the communities of Grand-Goave, Tapion & Petit Goave. This program serves as a tool to draw the community in and provides us with the opportunity to share the gospel as well as other short educational teachings. It also gives us the opportunity to visit those in hospitals and prisons and help provide for the needs of widows. Our goal is to provide 2.500 families annually with rice and basic necessities on a quarterly basis. 

Current operations

On average, a rice distribution costs up to $3000 US and serves 500 families, potentially impacting nearly 3000 people. We serve enough rice, and sometimes other goods, to feed families for a week. This is a program that is generally funded by visiting mission teams.

We are also actively involved in providing food aid for widows in our community monthly. Sponsorship of widows is possible. This program is also funded by our local church, Legliz Mahanaim, in Haiti.

Another popular and successful food program helping provide families with more of a hand up than just a hand out, is the gifting of goats, chickens and pigs through our sponsorship program or Online Gift Catalogue.

Bag of Rice for a family: $30

Estimated Cost per Distribution: $1500- $3000 US. You can sponsor a share for $150 

Sponsor a Widow: $30/ mo.

Estimated Cost of goats, pigs, chickens: $25-$200 per animal

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