home rebuilding projects

Haiti ARISE has two Home Rebuilding Projects as a part of our response to disasters that have plagued often Haiti: EachONE BuildONE in response to the 2010 earthquake, and Hurricane Shelter Homes in response to 2016 Hurricane Matthew.

EachONE BuildONE Home Rebuilding Project


The devastation of the January 12, 2010 earthquake destroyed more than half a million homes throughout Haiti, rendering 1.5 million homeless & forcing families to live in makeshift shelters and tents. We have implemented as a part of our Disaster Response Plan the EachONE BuildONE Home Rebuilding Project to aid local families return to normal living conditions.


The EachONE BuildONE homes are reinforced post and beam and cement block structures with cement roofs. Each home has 3 rooms plus a porch. The homes are being built throughout the community where families own land.

Current operations

The EachONE BuildONE program launched Dec 1, 2010. Each family selected to receive a home must have had their home destroyed in the earthquake, own their own land and help in the construction of their home, plus one other home. The first 3 families selected all helped one another build their homes and have taken great pride in their new ownership. The first 10 homes were funded by disaster relief funds. Each home was estimated to cost roughly $5,000 US, but as in working out a new program, there are always initial capital costs, which caused the first 3 homes to cost around $8,000 US. After working through the process, we have been able to work the cost out to $6,000 per home, at a rate of 15 working days. 

As of December 2016, we have completed construction of 85 homes.

This project is made possible by Disaster Relief funds and the partnership and support of many church including Kootenay Christian Fellowship, Surrey Alliance and The Link Christian Fellowship.

Estimated Cost per Home: $5,000- $8,000 US

hurricane shelter homes


Still months after the storms of Hurricane Matthew, many families are still in very difficult circumstances with no homes to live in. From Cavallion to Jeremie in the south of Haiti, 80% of towns were destroyed, some completely leveled by the 45 mph winds. Haiti ARISE is actively serving as the hands and feet of Jesus by constructing Hurricane Shelter Homes for these families in the southern areas of Haiti that have lost everything. 

Current Operations

We began after Hurricane Matthew by repairing over 125 homes and removing fallen trees and debris. We realized many families needed help rebuilding their homes, but that we would not be able to help in the remote areas that really needed it if we continued to build large concrete homes. We then began construction of one room homes built with ½ block and ½ wood and tin, to help as many people as possible get under shelter and out of the weather. Starting in January 2017, we began a campaign with a goal to build 200 homes, and as of July 2017 have built 175 and counting. We want to continue to build homes for the remainder of 2017 but we need your help! 

How to Help

You Can Help reach our goal by building a family a new home for $1,500 US! Click on the link to visit our Gift Catalogue or click the image below.