Disaster Relief


The Haitian people often suffer from natural disasters, the greatest yet known being the January 2010 earthquake that killed more than 300,000 and left another 1/2 million homeless. Hurricanes also often devastate areas of Haiti with flooding, and epidemics such as the 2011 cholera outbreaks threaten illness and even death, usually due to preventable causes such as improper hygiene care. Haiti ARISE is there to help respond rapidly when such disasters strike by providing shelter, food, water and clothing, the very basics of human survival.

Current operations

In 2004, Haiti ARISE was involved in Disaster Relief with Hurricane Jeanne that completely washed over the northern city of Gonaives. We sent financial support and food distributions to families who lost their homes and possessions. In 2005, we responded again to Hurricane Wilma, which washed out Grand-Goave's substantial concrete bridge, cutting off travel from the capital city to the whole western arm of the island. Weekly food & clothing distributions were held until the people got back on their feet. In 2008, four separate hurricanes hit Haiti hard, flooding people's homes, washing out and destroying belongings and completely wiping out houses along the riverbanks. That year 800 people lost their lives. Haiti ARISE responded by providing immediate shelter, food and clothing as well as home repair and rebuilding.

In 2010 the infamous 7.2 earthquake rocked Haiti harder than any previous natural disaster. Haiti ARISE responded immediately by providing safe shelter, food and clothing distributions. We then partnered with Samaritan's Purse for 4 months to help respond to sanitation needs, provide clean water, medical care, Post Traumatic Stress counseling and distribute tents. Once the immediate relief stage was passed, Haiti ARISE engaged in more long-term solutions to help rebuild community homes through our EachONE BuildONE program, construct an on-site medical clinic and open our elementary school.

For further info, you can click on the downloadable PDF of the Proposals and Reports:

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